How To Use Orb

Caspar Orb

***Residents: SubAdmins are allowed to add/remove avatars to the access list and arm/disarm the security system.***

Residents will only have access to the following menu items:

Access list (to add fellow subadmins, guests and temporary guests)
Visitor stats (if enabled)

SubAdmins: subadmins are the tenants of a landlord.

Guest: This option allows you to add a mostly permanent “whitelist” of allowed guests. Guest level does not come with menu access to the orb.

Temporary: Like the “Guest” level, except that people added to the temporary list are automatically removed after they leave the sim/region.

Banned: This option allows you to add to a list of “never allowed” avatars. Anyone on the ban list will automatically be ejected/teleported him upon arrival, if ejection is on and an enforcer is out (and properly deeded if necessary.)

About Lockdown mode

If the orb is currently in “lockdown” mode, the lockdown option will change to “stand down”.

This automatically disables itself when everyone ON the access list has left the sim/region – there is no time limit beyond that.

Lockdown mode changes the warning time to 10 seconds (from the normal minimum of 20), in order to detect possible intrusions faster.

No additional security devices are allowed. They will be returned.


Old orbs – These are being replaces

***Admins: Admins are allowed to add/remove avatars to the access list and arm/disarm the security system.***

To add a administrator, you have to get the person closer than 20 meters.

You can also manually add by typing name: To manually add a administrator, use the chat-command:
Remove Admin: Click “removeAdmi” button and select name of person you wish to remove.

***To Add/Remove People form the “safe list”***
Click [Add Access]
Manually add a user to the access-list, use the chat-command:

Click [remAccess] Select name to delete from accesslist

***Security System Modes***
Click [_start]
-Normal: Auto-kicks anyone not on accesslist. All admins gets auto-popup with ADD/KICK/TEMP options whenever anyone enters area
-Passive: Only people specifically in the ban-list will be auto-kicked, but all admins will still get a auto-popup with ADD/KICK/TEMP options each time anyone enters the area
-Silent: Runs as a passive visitor-tracker only. Will silently auto-kick anyone in the ban-list