How To Use Phone

This is a quick how to use your phone. Your number is located on the phones screen. You can also look in the directory on this site to find neighbors and business phone numbers.

To place a call:

• Click the handset.
o Payphone The phone will create a Handset Attachment. Click “Yes” in the permissions dialog to allow it to attach to your hand.

• Dial your requested number by clicking individual digits on the number pad.
o When dialing out, you can also dial in chat by copying and pasting your number into chat or on channel 75 (/75 (603)384-7599). The phone will convert letters into numbers and ignore any special characters.

• When the number is dialed completely, the phone will place the call.

• If the other line connects, talk to them by typing in chat or on channel 75 (/75 Hello). You can also use the /me emote if you wish.

• When you are finished, click where the handset was (e.g. the hidden handset) to hang up.

Note that this is only for basic calls.

If you would like your name number and address posted in the directory please copy the folling in to a note card fill it out and pass it to Ikonn or Sarah Giano.

First Name:
Last Name:
Phone number: