Residential Terms And Conditions

Welcome to Giano Properties!

By paying rent to Giano Properties, you are agreeing to and accepting the Terms and Conditions of this rental agreement and community rules.

Please ensure that everyone you have listed on the mailbox receives a copy of this agreement. You are responsibility for your guests when you issue them a tag via placing them on the mailbox.

These regions are to be a safe place to live and play; no harassment, stalking, loitering or other anti-social behavior.

Giano Estates is a family friendly, suburban neighborhood set in Rhode Island. Guns, Sexual Violence, Overly Aggressive RP, Age Play, Hate, Bigotry and Drama are not tolerated here. This goes for group chat as well. If you are found guilty of harassment, hatred acts or drama your chat, ability to rez or entry rights my be removed temporarily or permanently… with or without warning.

►►► Renting Policy ◄◄◄

• All units are on a “first come, first serve”

• All items must remain within your parcel boundary. All exterior items and landscaping should fit with the style of the sim. (ie. No Castles, Tiki huts, gor’ish structures

• Giano Properties reserves the right to delete or return any objects, evict or ban anyone who is in violation of these rules or the SIM covenant without refund. Giano Properties is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal properties occurred anywhere within the Estate due to vandals, theft, object returns, greifers, technical “glitches” or Linden Lab issues.

• All resident placed objects should be removed upon termination of the lease.

• To renew your rental, click the rental box (mailbox). Should you have any trouble, please contact one of the Giano Estate Managers.

• If you choose “Not renewing” on your rental box and/or remove your items from the rental space it will be considered abandoned and subject to immediate reclaim with no refund on unspent time.

• In residential areas no commercial signs or buildings are to be rezzed on the property.

• Rental moves must be preapproved. We will only move rent if it is same value or greater. We will not down grade rentals. We will not transfer rent to another person.

►►► YOUR PRIMS ◄◄◄

• The “prim limit” is the number of prims allocated to the unit. You, the registered tenants, are solely responsible for keeping within your prim limits.

• To view your current prim count, touch the rental box. It should tell you how many prims you are using.

• You may be able purchase more prims. Send a notecard to Ikonn Giano with your request. He will notify you if they are available and the addition cost. We do prorate existing time.

• You will be given an automated warning when you are over your limit. After the warning you will have 24 hours to fix the prim issue or your prim limit will be adjusted to compensate for the prim usage. Once you lower the prim count you can request we lower the limit back down.


• The house/apartment/landscaping rezzed by management do not count toward your allotment – Unless you are on a “rez your own home plot”

Help keep Giano low lag. If we find that you are using objects that cause a strain on the servers or disrupt neighbors we will ask you to remove them or in some cases remove them immediately. (ie… items emitting noise, particles, temp rezzers… this can also be prim children, pets and vehicles running and excessive amount of scripts on the server.


• Tenants will need to remain in the Giano Properties group for rezzing privileges. Enrollment is free, but by invite only. Once you have paid the rental box, you will be sent an invitation via automated avatar (bot) within 2 minutes. Please let Ikonn or Sarah (ikonn Giano, SaraihGold) know if you have not received your group invitation.

You will also be able to add 5 additional people (1 partner and 4 Guests) This option is on the mailbox. The guest tag is the same but lets management know who is a guest and who is a resident. Exception to this policy is the small 200 and 300 prims town homes these are limited to 2 names on the box you and 1 additional person.


Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds.
All rentals are final when the purchase is complete. There are no expectations.

►►► SECURITY ◄◄◄
• If you have a problem with greifers, please let us know immediately.

• No security, monitoring or spy devices are allowed. If you are having a problem with the security system provided to you, please inform Ikonn Giano immediately.


Fencing policy front fence along the sidewalk are to be no more than 1.5 meter high. Fencing on the side or back no more than 3 meters high. Parcels in Coventry are allowed 3 meter all the way around.

Trees must be of the New England Theme. No tropical landscaping. Trees should not overhang in your neighbor’s yard this will cause them to be returned. Particle effects should be turned off if they cause prims outside your parcel they will be returned. No glow effects!

Pools are allowed with the exception of water sims. Due to the seawalls above ground pools only will be allowed in these areas.


Giano Properties residents who rent 500 prims are allowed TWO “Zooby type” Interactive or physically dynamic babies, pets, or TWO breedables, (Cats or Dogs Only) to remain on the parcel when the owner is not present. Due to their scripting and permanent physical collisions, these animals can cause heavy lag for the sim and thus, for your neighbors.

Rent 800 or more prims are allowed 4 Zoobies or breedables. Any more then 4 must be pre approved by Ikonn or Sarah Giano. Due to their scripting and permanent physical collisions, these babies can cause heavy lag for the sim and thus, for your neighbors.

If we discover more than the allotted limit of these pets on a parcel they will be subject to returned without prior notice. Due to the nature of some of these pets or items, Giano Properties or any members of its Management team are not responsible for any damaged caused by their return.

This policy is subject to change if the sim is lagging.


We have welcomed child avatars in Giano Estates for a long time, and will continue to do so.

However, if you’re going to RP a child avi please act, sound, dress and behave like one.

Children and vehicles — Children can’t drive in RL and so they can’t drive here. If your child has a “Power Wheels” type vehicle, they can use it in your yard or on community sidewalks. If a child is found on the street or road with their “Power Wheels” the vehicle can be returned.

Teens must be 16 years of age (RP-wise) to obtain a driver’s license in Giano Estates.

►►► Skybox Rental Policy ◄◄◄

• The skyboxes are for 1 person these boxes will not allow you to add anyone to the box.
• There is no place to leave a car. If you rez one to drive you must pick it up when done driving.
• There is to be no radios. This is a shared stream and cannot be changed.
• There is to be no deeded TV’s. This is a shared parcel and cannot be changed.
• There is to no breedables, animals or prim babies.

These skyboxes are meant for 1 person.


►►► Fine Print ◄◄◄

This Covenant is subject to change at any time without notice. We will do our best to notify you in a timely manner about major changes to this agreement, but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you have the most up to date information. If you are unsure, please request an updated copy.

Giano Properties reserves the rights to change rental pricing, prim limits, and/or any other terms in this contract at any time, without notice.

If you have any questions please feel free to IM Ikonn Giano. I

Giano Estates Covenant can be read by double clicking the land title above and selecting the Covenant Tab.
Giano Estate Owner – Ikonn Giano
Giano Estate Manager – SaraihGold
Giano Assistant Manager – Azreral Adamczyk
Giano CSR – Stacey Zirgar

You do not have permissions to copy or uses any of this document in whole or part..

All information inside this notecard and any advertising or promotional material including the group charter for Giano Properties is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

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